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Small Groups 
When it comes to finances, every parent wants to enhance their kids' knowledge economically to ensure and empower them to make right choices.  Imagine your kids making right financial choices so that they grow stronger than the previous generation, your generation.  Imagine your kids becoming empowered economically just as your parents wanted for you.  At Kash Kids, we empower your kids by enhancing their economic knowledge.  Imagine your kids, stronger, smarter and empowered economically to make all the right financial moves, all the right financial choices. 
Do you have a small group of children you'd like to be taught financial literacy?  Kash Kids has tutoring style, very fun financial workshops that teaches kids one on one.  So whether you have one kid or six kids, Kash Kids will teach your child fun financial basics and entrepreneurial skills from A to Z.  These intimate courses are similar to the larger courses except the setting is much more intimate as your child receives one on one training from our best money coaches.
Sign up here or email us at info@kashkids.com: perhaps this takes you to the registration page or they can actually sign up on this page.

All courses can be taught in series or individually.  There is a business start up curriculum but the above sessions are pre-requisites to start this series of courses.