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 Twyla in Atlanta

ATLANTA -- In these tough economic times, it's more important than ever to teach children about money matters, according to the author of "Can I Have Some Money Please?"

Twyla Prindle said children as young as three years old can start learning about saving money, giving back to others and avoiding debt.

"Kids are always learning by watching us, so we need to set good examples," Prindle said during an appearance on 11 Alive News Sunday Today.

Prindle acknowledged that some parents try to hide their money woes from their children.

"Kids are getting the message that times are tough from somewhere," she said. "It might as well be from you."

Prindle is creator of Kash Kids and the author of three books that focus on kids and finances: "Where's My Money," "Why Did I Get This Credit Card," and "Can I Have Some Money Please?"

She plans to host several book signings and meet with schoolchildren this week.



Twyla Prindle in Washington DC

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- "We have talked about money coming in, and money going out." Twyla Prindle of kashkids.com is teaching a life skill to these fifth graders that many adults have trouble grasping. Money management."It can be in a jar, a shoe, keep track of your money? OK? "

She uses a character named after herself who has a financial goal.

"Little Twyla wants to save enough money to go the video contest and to learn to play piano."

The kids must divide Twyla's money into different categorizes for saving, spending and investing in her lemonade stand.

"I learned it's not a good idea to spend all your money, you need to save in case you have unexpected bills," says 5th grader Ajeune Lynch.

They've also learned about bounced checks.

Myiah Smith says "Your bank will charge you more and that's bad, really bad. "

In her book, "Where is my Money," the little girl is upset and it turns out she's forgotten she's spent all her money. It ends with the family working out a budget or money coming in and going out. Twyla says when the kids share
their new experiences with their parents, they often become better money managers.

What's 30 percent of 30?... 9 very good.

Giving children a basic understanding of financing when they're young, can only help them down the road.


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