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Million Money Books for Kids Campaign

Each day in America 2,171 babies are born into poverty (1). Children’s Defense Fund, 2003 and Kids Count, Right Start Online In 2000, 12% of Americans (which represents 35.6 million people) lived in poverty while 17% of children lived in poverty. Children were about 40% more likely to be living in poverty than the general population on the national, state and local levels. (2). US Census Bureau & Kids Count Census Data Online

By the age of 5, many children in high-risk environments are already developmentally behind. This gap only grows over time- undermining school readiness and success in life.(3).Dr. Craig Ramney, Director of the Center for Health and Education, Georgetown University.

Children from low-income families enter school at a disadvantage. The gap between children from low and high income families on reading comprehension scores is more than 40 points (4). The Condition of Education, National Center for Education Statistics. The poorest children are at least 1 – 2 years behind.

On the average low-income children have far fewer literacy and language experiences at home than their classmates. Low-income children are 50% more likely than children from high-income families to be seven years old or older and still in the first grade.(5) Reading Literacy in the United States. 1996

Children in poverty are twice as likely to have to repeat a grade, three times more likely to get expelled from school, almost 4 times as likely to drop out of school between the ages of 16 to 24 and half as likely to finish a four year college. (6) Children’s Defense Fund: The State of America’s children 2004

Low-income readers are significantly more likely, even if employed full-time, to be members of the “all-cash economy”. ProLiteracy America annually collects data on literacy program outcomes. They report that financial goals such as opening a bank account, using a checking account or ATM, and purchasing a car or home are documented as key goals for adult learners. (7) National Institute for Literacy

Research shows what families do to support literacy is more important than family income or education in predicting future success. Pre-literacy & language are foundational skills for school success – most readily developed in the context of loving, nurturing relationships.(8) Born Learning Organization

Access to books is essential to reading development because children who are read to frequently are nearly twice as likely as other children to show three or more skills associated with emerging literacy. (9) National Center for Family Literacy, 2005

A 2001 research project titled, Parents, Children and Money Survey, explains that most parents do not think it is their sole responsibility to educate their kids about finances.

When parents were asked to specifically describe what they have done to teach their kids about financial matters: 56 percent of parents can name only one example; 31 percent cite two examples; and 8 percent say "nothing" or "don't know."

Students who do more reading at home are better readers and have higher math and reading comprehension scores.
Children who are read to frequently are nearly twice as likely as other children to show three or more skills associated with emerging literacy. (10) National Center for Family Literacy, 2005

Create a fun reading program that combines reading with math and financial lessons to allow kids to develop skills to create a debt free America. Kids will be able to read fun financial books while increasing their reading comprehension along with learning basic financial skills.

The Million Money Books for kids campaign will also enhance adult learning if the parents are reading to the children, they in turn learn basic financial principles as well.

A 40 year study proves investing $1 in early learning saves $17 down the road – in lower crime, fewer teen pregnancies, higher individual education and learning levels. Born Learning Organization

Children with better-quality early education have stronger language, pre-mathematic and social skills. Born Learning Organization

How does Million Money Books for Kids work?
Kash Kid’s vision is to donate a million money books a year to children and adults in your community.  We are excited to have the community help us realize this vision! By doing this we know that we will increase literacy in your community as it relates to finance and reading comprehension.  This in turn will give children hope and awareness of their future as they learn basic financial and reading comprehension skills through fun reading. Will you help us out? 
You become a partner with Kash Kids when you donate any new or slightly used book that relates to money or financial literacy subject matter.  Your book in turn will go to different organizations that serve youth.  It may be a hospital, children involved in a natural disaster, homeless shelters, homes, schools, libraries or partnering non-profit organizations.

How do I become a Million Money Book Motivator?

Million Money Book Motivators are individuals who gift books through the Kash Kids Million Money Books for Kids campaign.  It does not matter what your age is, you just need the desire in your heart to give.  As a million money book motivator you:

? Select a family, school or organization in your community to donate money books to.  After making your choice let someone in your chosen organization know that you would like to donate money books to them.  Arrange for the organization to pick up the books or schedule the delivery of the books.  Email Kash Kids at moneybooks@kashkids.com the contact person’s name and address for your choice school/organization that received the books.  They may receive a special surprise along with their book donation.

? You may also ship your individual book donation or books to Kash Kids c/o Million Money Books for Kids Campaign, 14580 Duval Place Road #1129, Jacksonville, FL 32218

? If you have a book but don’t have anyone to give it to,  email or write to Kash Kids and we will match you with a Million Book Money Motivator team that is a participant.

? Each money book you donate or give away becomes a part of the Million Money Books for Kids Campaign total that will be posted at the end of the campaign.  Let us at Kash Kids know how many money books you or your organization is giving away by emailing us at moneybooks@kashkids.com.

? Receive a tax receipt letter for your donation

? Encourage others in your community to participate in our campaign, or to become a Million Money Book Motivator themselves.

? To volunteer or become a Million Money Book Motivator register here or call John Prindle at 866-877-4635.

If you still want to help but don’t have a book, you can donate money to Kash Kids and we will not only give books away in your name but your name will appear in the next book sponsored by one of our corporate participants/sponsors or done by one of Kash Kids students.  For every $25 donated (less than $25 there will still be books donated to children and adults somewhere in the world).  For every $25 plus donated, many books will be given away with your name inside forever in print.  So even if you donate $25 once, your name will forever be in print in our next book project and a brand new book will be sent to you thanking you for your support. 
or send check or money order to: 
Kash Kids
c/o Million Money Books for Kids Campaign,
PO BOX 18761
Jacksonville, FL 32229. 

How do I become a Corporate Sponsor?
Corporate Million Money Book Motivators are corporations who also gift books through Kash Kids by doing any of the following:

Contributes $250 or more to the campaign in order to gift money books to schools/organizations.  In return, your business name will go in as a “Thank you to our sponsors” page in the next book project that’s done by Kash Kids. There will be 20 hard cover brand new money books donated in your name and you will receive 10 books as a thank you for your contribution to give away to customers, clients, or pick your own organization to give to.

Sponsor your very own children’s money book featuring your business.  Your organization’s money book will be written by children’s author Twyla Prindle or one of the students that have participated in the Kash Kids program and will have a unique and fun money lesson for kids or adults. This is a great opportunity for businesses to gift these books to the organization of choice or to give to clients, customers or employees and their children to show pride in your organization.  Your company logo will be placed as a sponsor to the Million Money Book for Kids Campaign. This is also forever advertisement to your community or surrounding areas to your business.  Have Kash Kids come out and do a free workshop for your organization or the children of your staff in your organization as a thank you for being a sponsor. These books also count towards the million books for kids campaign.  For more information email moneybooks@kashkids.com  or call Twyla Prindle at 866-877-4635 for questions and consultations.

Your corporation can also choose to sponsor 500 money books by your company and have a gold sticker placed on the money book or inside the money book of your choice saying that the book was donated by your organization.  Your logo will also go on our website as a sponsor to the Million Money Books for Kids Campaign.

Sponsor your own book drive (see next section) to encourage team work, enthusiasm and a “feel good to give environment”.  Choose a family, school or organization in your community to donate money books to.  Once you have done this, contact someone at your chosen organization/school and let them know you would like to donate these books to them.  Arrange for pick up or delivery of these books.  Email moneybooks@kashkids.com to let us know how many books you donated along with a contact name and address of the organization you donated your books to.

Your company can also be a corporate sponsor by just donating to Kash Kids.  For every dollar donated, Kash Kids will donate a book to some child or adult somewhere in the world.

In return you will receive a tax receipt letter for your donation

Encourage your staff or other corporations to participate in the Million Money Books for Kids Campaign.


How Do I Host a Million Money Books for Kids Book Drive?

Thank you for partnering with The Million Money Books for Kids Campaign. The money books you collect will be donated to schools, libraries, hospitals, homeless shelters and other organizations in the community. 
You can choose an organization to gift your books to and give them to that organization or you can have your books shipped to Kash Kids and we will select an organization to gift the books to.  Shipping cost is not reimbursed to individuals hosting a book drive and sending books to Kash Kids.  We encourage you to choose an organization in your community so that you can deliver the books and feel the excitement of giving by placing the books in the child or adult’s hand yourself.

Freqently Asked Questions:

How long should I host a money book drive?  Typically a book drive averages out to be 2 to 6 weeks long unless you have a one time event where individuals are encouraged to bring a money book.  For example you could ask that everyone bring a book to the next football game and have a donation area where tickets or sold or you could be having a school party and have a money book be the admission into the party.  There are many creative ways to host a book drive, choose your own and make it lots of fun!  Register here to let us know you are going to be a Million Money Book drive host.

How do I let people know I am hosting a book drive? You can download this flyer here or create your own flyer. Remember you have to let your community know what the book drive is for so don’t forget to add that to the flyer. Post the flyers at school, in the library, at the bank, in restaurants.  You could give flyers to pizza places so they can include it in pizza deliveries or you could give the flyers to any place that delivers to include with their deliveries.  Don’t forget to include the date your book drives end on your flyer.  If you are doing a book drive at school, you can let your principal know so that she could announce it to the other students.

I prefer to ship the books from my Million Money Book drive, how do I get the money for postage?  When you are asking for books, everyone won’t have a money book to donate so just ask these individuals for $1 or more for a donation.  You could use this money for shipping costs.  Let them know for every $5 donated, Kash Kids will donate a brand new money  book to add to your book drive total.

How do I know I’ve donated in time to be in the next book?  Books are always being done by the Kash Kids organization and their kids so be confident that you will not miss out on having your name place inside one of the books.  You will receive your “Thank You” book in the mail when it is completed.  This book will also serve as verification of your dollars at work for the sake of giving.