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About Twyla Prindle & Kash Kids


Twyla Prindle is President and founder of Kash Kids.  Through her foundation Twyla teaches children basic financial and entrepreneurial principles such as learning the difference between assets and liabilities, learning the importance of goal setting and finding your passion to fulfill your purpose.  Twyla’s students vary from ages 3 yrs old to 19 yrs of age. Most of her students start their own business through her program and have done everything from writing books to designing their very own flip flops.      

Twyla also is the author of the children’s books “Where Is My Money?” and “Can I Have Some Money Please?” which teach children everything from cash flow to the importance of tithing and giving. Twyla travels with a mascot and does skits and songs for younger children (under 9 yrs of age) that highlight the financial principles from her books.

When it comes to finances, every parent wants to enhance their kids’ knowledge economically to ensure and empower them to make right choices.  Imagine your kids making right financial choices so that they grow stronger than the previous generation, your generation.  Imagine your kids becoming empowered economically just as your parents wanted for you.  At Kash Kids, we empower your kids by enhancing their economic knowledge.  Imagine your kids, stronger, smarter and empowered economically to make all the right financial moves, all the right financial choices!

Fun Financial Goal Setting:
Your kids will spend fun, interactive time with their peers and learn how to map out their journey to become whatever they dream of.  In addition to mapping out their dream life, they will learn what financial goals have to be set in order for them to reach their dreams.

Fun Financial Basics:
Imagine your kids coming home teaching you their financial suaveness.  In this session the kids will learn financial basics such as cash flow, inflation, the time value of money and the four ways to make money. Your kids can come home with some cool cash (if they pay attention J)

Fun with Kash Kids:
Join in with your kids as they have eye opening moments learning the difference between wants and needs, the difference between assets and liabilities and learn the different types of income (earned, passive and portfolio).  This session is filled with fun games that your kids will be sure to talk about for days to come.

Where Is Your Money?
In this session your kids will realize exactly where their money is going. Your kids will learn how to make the most of their money by learning basic cash flow principles that they can bring home and keep track for life.

Financial Home Economics:
This course is awesome for teenagers. Here your kids will learn how to write checks and balance a check book.  They will also learn about bank fees and how to manage a debit account. *Some kids will have the option to open an account at the end of this session

Using Credit Wisely:
Your kids will learn the difference between good and bad debt as well as credit.  They will also understand the importance of maintaining a good credit score and the everyday life financial impact of a bad credit score.

Fun facts about Investing:
Decrease the chances of your kid asking you for money by allowing them to attend this session! Your kids will come away knowing the difference between saving and investing, the price of procrastination in your finances, the rule of 72 and the time value of money.  Every kid will leave with a financial plan that will ensure them success if they stick to it.

How to get paid to have fun for the rest of my life!
In this session your kids will learn how to find their passion and turn it into a pay day!  Your child will come away with a career plan or entrepreneurial blue print for total prosperity!

Just for Little Kash Kids
Kids 9 and older, gather around and learn how to keep track of your money in this interactive play done by Little Twyla and her friends.

*All courses can be taught in series or individually.  There is a business start up curriculum but the above sessions are pre-requisites to start this series of courses.